Review Process

All scientific articles are double-blind peer-reviewed. (The chairman of editorial board) Editorial board reviews received articles according to their content, and decides the submission for the reviewed process. The review is done by two reviewers who are neither members of the editorial board nor the employee of the same department as the author or one of the co-authors. The review process is anonymous. The reviewers do not know the names of authors and vice versa the authors are not informed about the reviewers. If the scientific article is accepted, authors do not receive the reviews.  Whereas the article is unaccepted, the editorial office gives anonymously the author the appropriate part of the review as a material for rewriting the article. In case the two reviews are contrary to each other, the editorial board appoints a reporter who draws up a report statement. On the basis of reviews and the report statement, the editorial board decides the publication of the article. Authors are informed about the editorial board’s decision.

Submitting the article, the authors agree with its publication in the journal and also declare that the article is an original paper and they have the copyright to it.  Articles are not remunerated.