TOP10 January 2018

(31. 01. 2018)

TOP10 most interesting articles that readers download from the de Gruyter database:

  1. Tourist Intensity in Capital Cities in Central Europe: Comparative Analysis of Tourism in Prague, Vienna and Budapest by Dumbrovská, Veronika and Fialová, Dana (download)
  2. Global Geotourism – An Emerging Form of Sustainable Tourism by Dowling, Ross K. (download)
  3. Interpretation of Geoheritage for Geotourism – a Comparison of Chinese geoparks and National Parks in the United States by Ren, Fang/ Simonson, Louis and Pan, Zhixin (download)
  4. Geomorphosite assessment for geotourism purposes by Kubalíková, Lucie (download)
  5. Visitor management in protected areas by Zelenka, Josef and Kacetl, Jaroslav (download)
  6. Geotourism development in the Azores archipelago (Portugal) as an environmental awareness tool by Lima, Eva Almeida/ Machado, Marisa and Nunes, João Carlos (download)
  7. DMO – A dummy-made organ or a really working destination management organization by Holešinská, Andrea (download)
  8. Tourist's Perceptions in the Liberec Region by Gómez, Helmuth Yesid Arias and Antošová, Gabriela (download)
  9. The Industrial Monuments Route of the Silesian Voivodeship as an example of the regional tourism product enhancing tourism competitiveness of the region by Staszewska, Anna and Żemła, Michał (download)
  10. Direct economic impact of tourism on World Heritage Cities: An approach to measurement in emerging destinations by Cárdenas-García, Pablo Juan/ Pulido-Fernández, Juan Ignacio and Fernández, Ana Belén Mudarra (download)