TOP10 květen 2019

(29. 05. 2019)

TOP 10 nejzajímavějších článků, které čtenáři stahují z databáze Sciendo vydavatele de Gruyter:

  1. Airline Service Quality Dimensions and Customer Loyalty: Empirical Evidence from Air Passengers’ in Lagos State by Oghojafor Ben Akpoyomare, Ladipo Patrick Kunle Adeosun and Rahim Ajao Ganiyu (download)
  2. Global Geotourism – An Emerging Form of Sustainable Tourism by Ross K. Dowling (download)
  3. Interpretation of Geoheritage for Geotourism – a Comparison of Chinese geoparks and National Parks in the United States by Fang Ren, Louis Simonson and Zhixin Pan (download)
  4. Towards a Theory of Stakeholders’ Perception of Tourism Impacts by Martin Luštický and Martin Musil (download)
  5. Spa, Spa Tourism and Wellness Tourism in the Czech Republic by Jiří Vystoupil, Martin Šauer and Markéta Bobková (download)
  6. Smart Tourism: Concepts and Insights from Central Europe by Tomáš Gajdošík (download)
  7. Network Analysis of Cooperation in Tourism Destinations by Tomáš Gajdošík (download)
  8. YouTube as an Airlines Marketing Tool by Martina Pásková, Jan Hruška and Josef Zelenka (download)
  9. Use of the Multi-Agent Paradigm in Sustainable Tourism by Martina Husáková (download)
  10. Site Management and Use of Social Media by Tourism Businesses: The Case of Quebec by Romain Roult, Marilyne Gaudette, Denis Auger and Jean-Marc Adjizian (download)